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Sole #6

The first shoe of the season is part of a sole. It is very degraded and I expect it is left over from last year.

I had to flip it over to be sure what it was. You can see little perforations around the edge that indicate that it is part of a shoe.


I’m not really sure if it is from an outer sole or an inner sole.

I also came across this, which does seem recent:


And here’s what the beach looks like right now, in one of the less littered areas. It really was a beautiful day.


Photographed April 2, 2015

Sole #4



Flipping it over:


The Native Americans in the southwest used to make their sandals with patterns on the sole that were unique to each group. Then when they left footprints, others could tell by the sandal impressions which group they were from.

Sole #4 was once an Adidas Santiossage slide, perhaps $29.95.

Photographed August 18, 2014